A brand that is recognisable by a symbol, a squiggle or a Swoosh didn’t just get there by accident.

Developing your branding requires attention to detail; all visual aspects of the brand must be consistent and corners must never be cut… ever. Rise above your competitors with striking imagery, a coherent message and, above all, OCD (obsessively consistent design).

Benefits of Seed Branding

We have knowledge and expertise in multiple sectors and industries
We have a broad background in various design styles and mediums
We offer complimentary, bespoke training for all of our clients
We relentlessly keep abreast of trends and new design developments
We have watertight processes and a systemised approach to projects
You will work closely and directly with our creative director


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Areas of service

  • Logo Design

    Create a simple, iconic first impression for your brand

  • Graphic Design

    Communicate via typography, photography and illustration

  • Web Design

    Build a website around UX, design, SEO and content

  • Branding

    Perfect your brand’s visual identity and look the part