Seed Animations on Highcross Beacons

Seed are bringing ‘90s vibes to Highcross, to share their current creative crush, Memphis Pop.

Memphis Pop is a distinctive style that whisks you back to a bygone decade, with its bright colours and bold geometric shapes. Despite being created in the 1980s, by architecture company The Memphis Group, it took a good few years to take off and become widely accepted. Commonly used in music videos with hip-hop artists such as De la Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, and in TV shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Saved by the Bell, this style, to certain generations, epitomises early ‘90s pop and urban culture.

The guys at Seed have been soaking up the design trend, and its influences show in a lot of their recent work: incorporating recognisably retro characteristics into modern motion graphics techniques, they have put a fresh spin on things and made it their own.

Jo Tallack, General Manager Highcross commented, “The Beacons have given us a great opportunity to work with agencies such as Seed and create these unique pieces of art for the city. The Memphis Pop animations will give Leicester the opportunity to reminisce in some 90s nostalgia”


If you happen to be following the Seed journey via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you will have noticed Memphis Pop brightening your feed: they have been sharing their vibrant, abstract graphics online as they experiment. Now, they’ve chosen a more physical platform to exhibit their work, with three animations scheduled for display on the Beacons. Designed by Dan Arab, and animated by Will Ruhl, the work will bring light and colour to St Peter’s Square, creating an almost-hypnotic display that’s sure to stop shoppers in their tracks.  

The Beacons will be displaying the animations Monday 20th through to Friday 25th February, at two time slots each day: 10am – 12pm and 3pm – 5pm. From Monday 27th through to Friday 3rd, they will be displayed each day: 10am – 12pm, 3pm – 5pm and 8pm – 9pm.


Jon Prest

Managing Director

Seed Creativity

Seed Creativity Seed Creativity

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