eSynergy Recycling Animation

The Objective

A new brief is always exciting, but when the subject matter is something we’re passionate about, we’re all the more enthusiastic. eSynergy are dedicated in doing their bit in the fight against climate change, so we were all ears.

The brief was to illustrate the history and hazards of insulation gases, and to showcase the company’s recycling technologies for their prospective customers. So, turning a complex topic into a digestible, entertaining but educational animation.

The Outcome

It was important for us to create a look and feel that balanced the heavy subject matter. So, we went for a soft colour palette, quirky characters and whimsical movements. We also opted for some use of infographics to easily convey some of the more complicated bits.

The finished animation does a great job at turning something heavy-going into light, watchable content. The animation was used on their website, in client / service user presentations and across social media. Our client was delighted, equipped with a compelling new tool for spreading the word on green technology!