Great Logo Design For Your Business

The Objective

The magic of the perfect logo is often in its simplicity: although appearing to have been effortlessly conceived through a doodle or two, it’s more likely that a bunch of design geeks agonised over its creation. From the swooshing tick on that pair of trainers you bought for your new health kick, to those golden arches that ruined the diet altogether: an iconic logo is the product of a meticulous process. Research, design, test, repeat.

Now, we know that a simple logo is often more memorable, but there are other benefits to avoiding a fussy, fiddly design. Simple means resizable: nothing says ‘we cut corners’ like a smudgy, indecipherable symbol on a business card, or a pixelated blur on a banner. A good design is scalable, whether you’re blowing it up or shrinking it down.

So what should your logo look like? How do you represent the history and personality of your company with a font or an emblem? It’s like trying to choose the picture on your dating profile: that photo of you dancing on the table at your local boozer may show your fun side, but how will potential suitors see that you’re also a cake-baking bookworm with a black belt in jiu jitsu? This is why our designers will do bucketloads of research on you, your company and your key demographic, so the logo fits in all the places it needs to.

Let’s say you’ve perfected your logo, and moulded all your branding around it. The new website is looking sharp and your revamped shop front (be it physical or otherwise) is turning heads. Now you need to up your game and take your branding to the next level. Enter: the motion graphic.

Using motion graphics, you can animate your logo to add a bit more life to your brand identity; while seamlessly marrying the logo with your slogan or strapline. You can Illustrate your company’s character, and more effectively leave your mark on the consciousness of consumers. Use it to sign off your promotional videos and bookend your presentations, or impress waiting visitors in the lobby of your building. An animated logo is the perfect way to bring your business into the big league.

The Outcome

Here at Seed, we can take care of all of it for you. Design and animation are what we do best, so, we can work with you to figure out what kind of logo, be it static or animated, would fit within your branding and/or your marketing campaigns. Apply for our free Seed consultation to get a bit more info on potentially working with us.