James Andrews Social Media Management

The Objective

James Andrews Recruitment Solutions got in touch with us, looking for an agency to take the reins across all of their social channels. With a positive brand ethic and a supportive internal culture, we were delighted to be a part of their journey.

The main objective for many recruitment agencies is to grow their client and candidate base. At James Andrews, a lot of their energy goes into reaching out to graduates, to expand their staff and strengthen the company’s foundation. This meant developing a content strategy that connected with a younger age demographic, without alienating possible clients / candidates.

The Outcome

A strong channel of communication has been developed between James Andrews and Seed. This is done through regular meetings and a WhatsApp group of key social ambassadors within the company, to share photos, videos and ideas.

We produce and post a varied mix of content for the brand, including video, photography, graphic assets and blog articles. We also recently introduced a mascot for the brand: Little James. Little James has meant we can piggyback social trends and create new, humorous content without affecting the client’s resources.

Profiling the target audience has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding and ability to connect. And, through regular analysis, we continually adapt and develop our approach to get the best results. On Instagram, for example, we’ve almost tripled the brand following within 10 months.

We’ll continue to grow James Andrews’s social channels, innovating as technology (and the graduate population) evolves. We have a million-and-one ideas to enhance the brand comms through video, animation and graphic design, so watch this space…