Morningside Pharmaceuticals Website

The Objective

As a longstanding provider of pharmaceuticals to the NHS and retail pharmacy sector, Morningside were eager for their website to reflect their high standards and their history. Another key aim was to communicate their vision, ethics and philanthropic efforts.

We were briefed not only to create strong visuals and a connected brand, but also to develop excellent functionality in showcasing over 100 products. Ultimately, the company were after more site traffic; better brand awareness and an increase in sales conversions.

Our response was to establish a solid strategy ahead of getting into the details. We ran our brand strategy and digital marketing strategy workshops with Alex, Morningside’s marketing manager. These workshops helped us to get to the crux of the customer / staff experience; their intended business image; market vision and values; and goals as a brand. With all of this knowledge in our arsenal, mapping out the website became a much more straightforward task.

The Outcome

We delved into the SEO development, figuring out common search queries and keywords. By better understanding the audience and their behaviour, we were able to create strong foundations for the rest of the site, and optimise user experience.

The site has been put together with a professional, contemporary feel, setting the standard and visual cohesion for all other brand touch points. Using gradients with their brand colours, we created a stylish continuity across infographics, photographs and banners.

Overall, the site looks and performs brilliantly: the client is thrilled with the finished product and its role as an anchor in all marketing materials.