Seed Creative Academy Website

The Objective

Running alongside our agency is the Seed Creative Academy, which we built from our passion to help grow local enterprise and encourage creativity.

An exciting project for us was building the new website for the academy: we were keen to create a fresh new identity, while complementing our existing agency website.

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The structural objective was to form three main focal points: the academy’s short courses, qualifications and partnerships. With a differing target market for each of the three aspects of the business, it was important for us to create a website that encompassed the needs and values of every one of our audience members: be it an artist, a small business owner, an unemployed young person or a representative from a large organisation. So, in terms of theme, we chose to create a look befitting of a modern, professional, corporate brand, but using splashes of colour as a nod to the creativity that lies at the heart of Seed.

As well from an appropriate and engaging visual identity, it was vital for us to build a user-friendly site: functional, practical and easy to navigate around. Knowing the big impact a small flaw can have on user experience, we spent a lot of time testing – and retesting – to iron out any possible weaknesses.

Aside from customer need, our own needs as a business were a big focus in the design and build of the website. Selecting suitable key words and phrases was fundamental in ensuring an optimal level of traffic to our site via Google search (SEO). And, linking the SEO back to user experience (UX), working mobile optimisation into the build was a must.

The Outcome

Following the launch of the website, we’ve seen a boost in traffic and positive user feedback. We’re currently ranking on page 1 of Google with all of our key search terms, which is a great success. Also, the completion of the project has given us a stronger base for our brand identity: both visually and in the tone of voice. Developing brand guidelines for the website has given us better cohesion between the site, our social media and our marketing.