SideFest Brand Communications

The Objective

SideFest, lovers of all things gaming, comics and STEM, approached us with a brief to redesign their brand communications. The aim of the redesign was to create a consistent, coherent brand. To connect with their market and position the company as a service leader within its multiple fields.

Our inner geekery flourished as we developed mood boards for the brand: ‘80s synthwave graphics and Tron-inspired neons paved the way for our retro-cum-futuristic style.


The Outcome

Alongside our chosen palette of vivid colours, we used a lot of black in the marketing material concepts and templates. The black was used to depict a space-like void, in keeping with the futuristic feel. This also gave the opportunity for the colours to really pop.

For the logo, we opted for a style reminiscent of the hand-script fonts of the 1980s. This would offset the clean lines and geometry used elsewhere within the branding.

The finished branding does a great job of illustrating the essence of the brand. We are now moving onto working on multiple touch points, excited about developing the brand further.