After successfully tendering for the project, we were thrilled to be tasked with the design of a fresh new website for The Y.

The brief was to create a site that encompassed and highlighted all three areas within the company: the charity, the theatre and the venue hire. With that in mind, as well as emphasis on the need to make the site as user-friendly as possible, we went about planning our approach.

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To begin with, a lot of time was spent with The Y, understanding the business and its customer base; knowing why and how audiences would use the website helped our designers choose all the right building blocks in the construction of the website. We then dug a little deeper, through customer focus groups that helped us determine the sort of information and features that would make the site more practical and enjoyable. From this, we mapped out the new site architecture, developing the UX so customers could more easily find the content they require.

As well as moulding the site around customer need, we also focused on the basic objective of any client: sales. Using certain keywords and key phrases, we worked to increase search engine optimisation (SEO) and bump The Y up through the Google search results.

New website for The Y Leicester
New website build for The Y
Website design for The Y
The Y responsive website design


Since completing the project, the organisation has seen a boost in traffic to the site, and positive user feedback. Not only this, but also The Y now have a much stronger overall digital strategy: with the website at the heart of their marketing game, the shareability of blogs, news and events across social media platforms means it’s easier to funnel customers through to one place.

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