University of Leicester: Degree Assessment Animated Explainer

The Objective

The University of Leicester’s department of Student and Academic Services briefed us to create an animation to supersede a wordy, overly complex document used to explain degree assessment. The animation needed to be both informative and engaging, to better communicate the message to students.

The first step was processing all the information; reading the document thoroughly in order to interpret and relay the content. Next came the script-writing, then the treatment: it was important that the animation had a comprehensible, fluid voiceover, paired with clear visuals to illustrate the trickier bits.

Through whittling down moodboard options with the client, we reached our chosen style: colourful, simple and cartoon-like, with very little linework. This aesthetic works well with animated explainers, as it avoids creating distractions from the subject matter.

The Outcome

The finished animation succeeds in transforming an antiquated document into a more digestible format, and one that can be shared much more easily. The Student and Academic Services team are pleased with the outcome – hopefully it’ll make a daunting experience a little more straight-forward for the students!