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Brand Strategy

Ask yourself 3 questions: What do people think about your brand? How do you want to change that? Are you willing to be brave? Your brand is your community. It’s your staff, stakeholders and customers’ instinctive connectedness with you, in their hearts and minds. It’s our job to inspire and guide you to build a better brand.

Let’s Design a Strategy

Achieve your Business Goals with Brand Strategy

Is it time to reconnect with your team; realise your common cause, shared briefs and a vision that you can all work towards? Delivered by Seed’s experienced brand strategist Jonny Prest (AKA Brand Master Flash), our brand strategy explores, realises and designs a playbook to build your community. Every playbook is written in pencil. Why? Life changes, you change and the world is changing so agility and fluidity is key. Being true to yourself, realising your purpose and guiding your team on its journey takes bravery. We can help you to be brave.

How our Brand Strategy Will Help You Grow

Refresh Your Perspective

Is it time to pause, rethink and readjust? Let’s look at your situation with a new lens. Avoid the sea of sameness. Imagine something new and generate new ideas.

Connect with Your Community

Create a brand ecosystem that meets your objectives, but more importantly, creates an experience and connects you with your community.

Grow a Focused, Valued and Happy Team

Create a sense of energy within your organisation. Act upon your foundational values to encourage a positive culture.

Our Clients

Seed offers such a unique perspective; such a well-thought-through, easily understandable and super effective way of thinking and crafting and teaching brand strategy.
Tim Elliott
Design Strategist, The Spill Teem
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Our Process


The best place to start is a chat. We’ll have a bunch of questions to help us figure out where you are on your brand journey and where you want to go.

Strategy Sessions

We’ll run bespoke brand strategy sessions with you and your team, to get everyone aligned to the vision. Ideas will fly, creative juices will flow and your brand story will start slotting into place.


This is where we take everything we gathered from the strategy sessions and create a roadmap for your brand: from recommended content and campaigns to innovation with your communications.

Monitor and Track

To get the most out of any content or campaign, we need to stay on top of it. By closely monitoring engagement, traffic and sales, we can refine and improve. Your marketing should constantly be evolving.

Say Hello,
we won't bite

Say Hello,
we won't bite

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We work with start-ups, global brands and everything in between. Our clients come in every shape and size – as long as their values match ours, we’re always excited to start a new working relationship.

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