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Are you happy with your brand message? Do your words, pictures or actions represent who you really are? Branding isn’t just about how you look. It’s the place where we can all work together. It’s the collective voice of your organisation. It’s the first thing a person feels when they are introduced to our brand. It can increase customer and staff loyalty, align leadership and contribute to higher profits.

Let’s Design a Strategy

Show You're Industry Leaders with Exceptional Branding

Are you proud of how your brand is presented to the world? We love making brands look world class, but what lies beneath the surface? Behind the visual there must be meaning and purpose. The place for true discovery. Let us illustrate your brand philosophy, culture, passion and products with world class branding. Great branding brings clarity and focus.

How our Branding Services Will Help You Grow

Establish an Authentic Brand Voice

Let’s build a brand that’s true to who you really are. The creation of a brand voice will help deliver a distinct personality, compelling storytelling and memorable content.

Deliver a Consistent Brand Image

With over 72 visual entry points into your business, we can make sure that every introduction is the same: impactful, professional and at the highest quality possible.

A Guideline for Everyone to Work From

A strong brand comes from visual, written, behavioural and oral guidelines. When documented into a physical model that everyone can use (and believe in), it will decrease the risk of visual and language errors.

Our Clients

Seed offers such a unique perspective; such a well-thought-through, easily understandable and super effective way of thinking and crafting and teaching brand strategy.
Tim Elliott
Design Strategist, The Spill Teem
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Our Process


The best place to start is a chat. We’ll have a bunch of questions to help us figure out where you are on your brand journey and where you want to go.

Strategy Sessions

We’ll run bespoke brand strategy sessions with you and your team, to get everyone aligned to the vision. Ideas will fly, creative juices will flow and your branding narrative will start slotting into place.


This is where we take everything we gathered from the strategy sessions and create a professional branding package: from tone of voice, brand content pillars, brand assets suites to implementation and impact analysis.

Readjust and Refine

Your branding will evolve. It needs to be agile and move organically with the growth of the organisation. Keep the process fluid and readjust and refine where necessary.

Say Hello,
we won't bite

Say Hello,
we won't bite

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We work with start-ups, global brands and everything in between. Our clients come in every shape and size – as long as their values match ours, we’re always excited to start a new working relationship.

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