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Does your organisation win new customers through exciting visual language? By changing the design system we can improve the connectivity with the audience. Design can change the way we feel, the way we work and, ultimately, the way we live our lives. Create your design based on something meaningful.

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Graphic Design

We create flexible design systems that change with the people that use them and the environments in which they’re used. From brochures to slide decks and websites to advertisements, we create high impact design that connects.


From hand drawn to 3D hyper realism, use illustration to visualise your message, information or story. As part of your brand image or stand alone campaign, illustration is super effective to use on slide decks, websites, advertisements or signage.

Brand Identity

Every brand strategy needs a design system. Whether it’s your logo design or your full brand identity suite, let’s create an identity that drops jaws, spins heads and stops your customers in their tracks. Remember the first bite is with the eye. Design is everything.

Web Design and Development

The digital shop-front of your business must be welcoming, professional and easy-to-navigate; confusing signage or a broken window won’t draw in the punters. Whether you’re after a simple one-page micro-site or a complex eCommerce platform, and be it mobile or desktop, be visible and make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

Seed worked patiently and carefully through the project’s complexity to disentangle it and create a simple and powerful message.
Julia Martin-Ortega
Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Leeds

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