Attract and Engage New Customers Through Smart

Graphic Design

Design changes things. Exciting visual language and art, when crafted and considered, instinctively affects the way that people think and feel. By improving the design system we can increase the connectivity with your audience. Create design based on something meaningful.

Let’s Design a Strategy

Stand Out with Striking Graphic Design

Do your design systems adapt to culture, behaviour, technology or media? Depending on where your audience hangs out, you’ll need to adopt a multimedia, multichannel approach. We’re in a digital age, but there’s still plenty of room for carefully-targeted print advertisements. Considered and consistent graphic design is art with purpose. Be purpose driven and be the beacon of light that your customers are looking for.

How Our Graphic Design Solutions Help You Grow

Design That is True to Who You Are

Your image is everything. It’s the first thing a customer will experience when they are introduced to your brand. Let Seed paint a picture of your true self that represents you in the best light.

Design That is Magnetic

We create brand identities that attract new customers. If you’re getting this wrong you could be repelling potential customers. Let’s get this right and you’ll be on your way to success.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

You operate in a noisy marketplace with everyone fighting for attention. Use your visual image and design to position yourselves over the competition. Create a territory in customers’ minds that’s owned by you and only you.

Our Clients

Working with the Seed team was a really inspirational experience. They helped us build a strong corporate identity and the foundations of everything we're going to do moving forward.
Robert Deans
CRO Consultant, Robert Deans Consulting Ltd
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Our Process


The best place to start is a chat. We’ll have a bunch of questions to help us figure out where you are on your brand journey and where you want to go.

Idea Generation

From scrapbooks to sketches and style sheets to prototypes, great functional design starts with an idea. An inspiration. Our design is crafted from simple visualisations, transitioning to complex design systems.


The creation of professional graphic design: from content to campaigns, your website to your advertisements, we will create a visual identity which is multi-use and consistent across all online and offline touch-points.

Readjust and Refine

Your design will evolve. It needs to be agile and move organically with the growth of the organisation. Keep the process fluid and readjust and refine where necessary.

Say Hello,
we won't bite

Say Hello,
we won't bite

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We work with start-ups, global brands and everything in between. Our clients come in every shape and size – as long as their values match ours, we’re always excited to start a new working relationship.

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