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Use motion to liven up corporate digital marketing; make a complex subject more easily digestible or convey a message in an innovative way. We’re dedicated to creating original, imaginative and high-end video to help our clients tell their story.

Our creative family includes a diverse, international network of illustrators, artists and animators. Combined with our in-house producers, writers and project managers, we have the skills to simplify the complex, make comprehensive more compelling and get your video to the right audience.

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Animated Explainers

Your business might have complex processes and products: how do you relay the information to your customers without anaesthetising them? An animated explainer can dissect and filtrate information to make it more digestible and easy to understand.

Video Production

With 500 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, you’ve got to find a way to cut through the noise. From creative to corporate productions, there are a million ways we can help tell a story (no boring talking heads allowed). Tell yours: create something beautiful, hilarious, or inspiring.


Children love animation, and we’re all just big kids aren’t we?! An animation can tell a story, paint a picture and inject pizzazz into an otherwise lifeless subject.

An engaging animation owes thanks to the professional services of scriptwriters, concept artists, character designers, storyboard artists and 2D / 3D animators: a superteam of brilliant minds.

Animated Adverts

Convert more customers with an animated advert. Advertising with animation can get your message across succinctly and effectively, turning your company into a lead-generation machine.

Animated White Paper Explainer

A white paper is your tool to make a difference in your field. But as everyone around us becomes busier, attention spans become shorter and the online world becomes more saturated with information, you might find you need to add another tool to your belt. Get more eyes on your research – and encourage action – with an animated white paper explainer video.

Seed worked patiently and carefully through the project’s complexity to disentangle it and create a simple and powerful message.
Julia Martin-Ortega
Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Leeds

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