Deliver Your Message Clearly with an

Animated Explainer

You love what you sell and know why people should invest, but it can be tricky to explain the ins and outs of your product / service without your audience switching off. An animated explainer can cram in all the important info whilst keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

Let’s Design a Strategy

We Make Explainer Videos that Get Results

Everything we do at Seed leads back to strategy. If we understand your brand and know what your objectives are, we can create a piece of content that does exactly what you need it to do. An animated explainer doesn’t just have to be a walk-through of a process or a product, it can be the most powerful sales tool at your fingertips – generating leads, converting customers and growing your brand.

How a Seed Animated Explainer will Grow Your Brand

Save yourself time and money

Not only can you stick the video on your website homepage, but you can actively direct potential customers to it. No more long phone calls to explain complicated processes or address objections and skepticism, just ping over the video URL and it does the hard work for you.

Establish a clearer message

Our process involves a lot of whittling down of information, breaking down the foundations of your brand, products and services, rethinking how your message is explained and developing a logical, concise narrative. This process often helps clients see things in a new way, giving them more confidence and competence in conveying their message day to day.

Improve your brand image

Let’s face it: a well-crafted animated video makes you look good. The artwork and assets can be also repurposed across all of your communications, creating a consistent, professional identity and message. 

Our Clients

Seed worked patiently and carefully through the project’s complexity to disentangle it and create a simple and powerful message.
Julia Martin-Ortega
Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Leeds
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Our Process


The best place to start is a chat. We’ll have a bunch of questions to help us figure out who you are, what you need and how we can solve your communications challenges.


Perhaps the most important part of the process: this is where we read, research, plan, visualise and sketch. We’ll develop a narrative, write the script, sculpt a watertight treatment and then we’re ready for the fun bit…


…And away we go. We’ve got our script, our storyboard and our style, so we work our magic and breathe life into all those ideas. Once the animation comes together, we craft the music, foley and voiceover. Behold a finished piece of creative animated content!


Creating a masterpiece is no good if you let it gather dust in a dark room somewhere. You’ve got your video, now you need to go forth and show the world. We can work with you to create a strategy to get your content in front of the right people at the right time. We monitor, analyse and adapt to make sure you achieve the results you need.

Say Hello,
we won't bite

Say Hello,
we won't bite

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