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Can you remember life before social media? Neither can we. It’s such an intrinsic part of our everyday life and should be woven into the fabric of your business. Use social media marketing and PR to improve awareness, build your community, generate leads, convert customers – grow your brand.

Effective social media marketing starts with a solid brand strategy – your company’s purpose, vision, personality, all the things that make you who you are. We soak up your passion and translate it into meaningful social media campaigns and content.

Let’s Design a Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Shout it from the virtual rooftops! You can grow your brand and reach new customers with clever campaigns and a good mix of video, graphics, animation and photography.

The holy trinity of social media marketing is made up of content (the pretty bits), copywriting (the wordy bits) and technical know-how (the geeky bits) – get these covered and make way for a slew of new followers and website visitors.

Social Media Management

Making calls; meeting customers; keeping on top of your emails; fixing yet another jam in the copier… your day is already chock-full. So how do you fit in running the business’s social media output?

…Well, you probably can’t (at least not very well). Some support from a marketing agency means you can crack on with what you do best while dedicated experts keep your social platforms ticking along nicely. Now, back to that paper jam…

Social Media Content

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Stop! Create social media content that brings thumbs to a standstill.

Keep your audience captivated with a varied mix of content types: graphic assets, GIFs, animation, video, blog articles, live streams (the list goes on). A predictable feed is a boring one, so unleash your creative side and curate a gallery of click-worthy content. Cue new followers and more engagement…

Social Media Support

Content? Check. Campaign ideas? Check. You might think you’re good to go, but without a watertight strategy holding it all together, you might find yourself in a busy-being-busy type situation.

With the right support and training, you can learn to test, measure and adjust your marketing to maximise results. Guidance in new technologies and platforms can help you engage your customers across all channels. Get support and get social media savvy.

Working with the Seed team was a really inspirational experience. They helped us build a strong corporate identity and the foundations of everything we're going to do moving forward.
Robert Deans
CRO Consultant, Robert Deans Consulting Ltd

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