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Social Media Marketing

You’ve got a great business, but it can be a challenge embodying the whole essence of your brand through your social channels. By producing well thought out content that fits your brand personality, tells your story and ties together your identity, you’ll attract the right people and begin to build your community.

Let’s Design a Strategy

Digital Marketing That Generates Leads

Everything we do at Seed leads back to strategy. Once we understand your brand and what your objectives are, we can create a marketing strategy that gets results. Through market research, customer profiling and regular analysis and refinement, we’ll sculpt a system that uses your social platforms to acquire new customers.

How Social Media Marketing Will Grow Your Brand

Improve your brand image

Let’s face it: well-crafted social content makes you look good. The artwork and assets can be also repurposed across all of your communications, creating a consistent, professional identity and message.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

You operate in a noisy marketplace with everyone fighting for attention. Use your social channels to position yourselves over the competition. Create a territory in customers’ minds that’s owned by you and only you.

A Fresh Perspective

When you’re at the centre of an organisation, you can get bogged down with the internal goings-on; it can be tricky taking a step back and looking at your brand from your customers’ viewpoint. Bringing in an outside team means new ideas, new mindsets and increased momentum.

Our Clients

Working with the Seed team was a really inspirational experience. They helped us build a strong corporate identity and the foundations of everything we're going to do moving forward.
Robert Deans
CRO Consultant, Robert Deans Consulting Ltd
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Our Process


The best place to start is a chat. We’ll have a bunch of questions to help us figure out who you are, what you need and how we can solve your communications challenges.


Perhaps the most important part of the process: this is where we research, plan, strategise and visualise. We’ll develop a marketing strategy around your objectives, working with you and your team to create a roadmap for the next 12 months and beyond.


The cogs in the social media machine start turning and your social channels spring into life. Interesting content, powerful campaigns and a slicker brand image take your business to the next level.


Posting cool content isn’t enough, we have to be sure that it’s working. We consistently monitor, analyse and adapt to make sure you achieve the results you need.

Say Hello,
we won't bite

Say Hello,
we won't bite

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