Cost-effective, time-saving marketing strategies that bring customers and businesses closer together.

The plan is simple: Seed Creativity are looking to enhance, adapt and improve the online awareness of companies through cost-effective and time-saving digital marketing techniques.

Are your competitors optimising online channels more effectively than you? Seed analyses your current competition approach and filters the best of it and redevelops into your marketing and promotions.

With the rise of digital marketing now consuming approximately 30% of marketing budgets in the UK, marketers can now track the return on investment on search, display, web interactions, social, email and online video. An example of this is Cadbury’s “Chocolate Charmer” online advertising campaign. In being able to track the content, the online marketing approach provided a return of investment which was almost 4 times higher than their TV campaign. The company ran a cross-media campaign for its Dairy Milk brand, covering TV, online ads and YouTube promoted videos. Despite only investing 7% of its budget in online, the brand saw the sector generate 20% of the sales.


Are you interested in generating similar ROI’s from your business’s marketing strategy?

Then have Seed Creativity educate you with their years of expertise, working with you to outshine your competitors and increase your online presence through professional digital media marketing techniques. To get Seed involved, please see the process outlined below and help your Business towards a brighter marketing future:

  • Get in touch. Email our friendly expert Dan on or call 0116 2625007
  • Let’s talk. We’ll look at your current marketing strategy and can arrange a time for you to come to our office or will can pop over to yours to discuss further.


  • The proposal. Will suggest some innovative and easy-to-implement digital marketing and social media strategies that will help develop your current marketing, saving you money and time.
  • The follow up. You’ll receive a tailored package with all costs explained based on your business needs.
  • Design at the ready. The team will then produce your digital marketing material and work with you to implement your strategy.

Moving forward. Support will always be at hand as we will guide you every step of the way as your business begins to make its mark through your successful content marketing and social media communications.



Jon Prest

Managing Director

Seed Creativity

Seed Creativity Seed Creativity

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