The Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing

Natalie Squance - September 26, 2018

Whatever your audience, segment or industry, it’s likely that almost every single one of your potential customers is lurking somewhere in the depths of social media. Social media marketing is not just an option anymore, it’s one of the most important and dominant forms of digital marketing. If used correctly, social media is an invaluable tool that can build a strong, personal connection with your audience, as well as increase your brand awareness and sales performance. Here at Seed, we’re proud to be social media savvy. So what’s the recipe for a solid social strategy? It all comes down to three essential points…

  1. Copywriting

Quickly chucking together a few words to accompany a link doesn’t take much effort. It’s easy to overestimate how a post will perform, but as attention spans continue to diminish, users are only interacting with the posts that really leap out at them from the screen. To truly get the most out of social media, you will need to invest in accessible, compelling copy to really hit home with your audience. We’ve seen plenty of businesses churn out boring post after boring post – no likes, no shares, no comments. Tumbleweed. You could have the best content in the world, but if your copy is dull or overly wordy, it’ll never see the light of day.

  1. Content

In January 1996, Bill Gates penned an essay titled “Content is King”. In the essay, Gates speaks about how the future of the internet will be a marketplace for content. It’s now 2018 and this hypothesis couldn’t be more obvious. With more than 300 billion pieces of content shared per month on Facebook alone, it’s getting tougher and tougher to stand out above the noise. Crafting engaging, valuable content is an effective way of grabbing people’s attention and getting your audience to actually connect with your brand. Once audiences are invested in your brand and love what you do, they’re more likely to share your posts or recommend you to their friends and family.

  1. Technical Knowledge

Having an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and the systems affecting them is essential to marketing success. As social media is constantly evolving and introducing new features, you need to be up to date with the latest developments and adaptive to any industry changes. Even if you consider yourself a regular user of social media, do you really know the in-depth systems behind each platform? There’s no point in spending money on a pay-per-click campaign if it has been poorly set up or targeted to the wrong audience. Once you know the ins and outs of social media, you can use platforms for a variety of means. For instance, using social media as a research tool can be the perfect way to understand your customers and gain a better understanding of your industry.

venn diagram representing the three pillars of social media

Ensuring that ALL three of these factors are first-rate is essential to your social media success. Once you’ve mastered the creative writing, compelling content and can tie it together with your technical know-how, your social media can work harmoniously to provide your business with the real results you’ve been after. Our handy network of artists, copywriters, creatives and tech wizards allows us to work in the sweet spot of social media marketing. Providing you with the guidance, knowledge and support to drive your business forward.

If you’re looking for someone to spruce up your social media to grow your brand awareness and drive sales, or would simply like to find out more, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with