Whilst the UK recession is subsiding the issue with 16-24 year old unemployment shows no sign of being resolved. Despite huge Government spending on training programmes and apprenticeship schemes young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population. The current strategy is not working. It needs a new approach. It needs a new campaign. It needs The Jobfather.


What is The Jobfather?

The Jobfather is our new employment blog and social media channels where we aim to find you a job offer you can’t refuse. It can be found at www.thejobfather.net and is designed to help young unemployed people in Leicestershire access apprenticeships, training / college courses, Higher Education, volunteering opportunities, overseas placements, internships, traineeships, enrichment activities, seasonal work, and temporary work.


We will work closely with local organisations to ensure that the blog features a curated selection of opportunities that will be relevant and interesting to the unemployed young people of Leicester. It will also be regularly updated with helpful information, interesting articles about employment, and motivational media to help them through the job hunt slog.   


Why are we doing this?

We know that the unemployed young people of Leicester need the support of established companies like ours. We support young people who aren’t in education, employment, or training, and encourage them to develop a creative career. We know that experience is key to both learning and job hunting. That’s why we give young people the opportunity to be involved in a range of projects, such as our online magazine. We are also involved in community programmes designed to help young people shout about who they are and where they’re from, helping them to gain confidence and realise their talents.


When are we doing this?

The website will officially go live at the launch event on the 28th of January 2016.


To sign up click here Launch event


How can organisations get involved?

Organisations can contact us at:

Chris@seedcreativity.co.uk / 0116 262 5007




Jon Prest

Managing Director

Seed Creativity

Seed Creativity Seed Creativity

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