University of Leicester: Hate Crime Animation

Jon Prest - March 16, 2016

Seed has had the privilege to work on a new animated video for The University of Leicester’s Centre for Hate Studies. Bringing to life the stories of real-life victims affected by hate crime.

With hate and extremism having increasing relevance to multiple fields of work, the centre works with organisations all over the world to improve responses through evidence-based training and research. They shape policy and practice by enabling professionals to engage with diversity, support victims and tackle hate.

Illustration of man looking out his window at a group of youths shouting towards a neighbour's house
Illustration of young man intimidating an old man on the bus
Illustration of woman looking across the street at a group of men shouting through a shop window
Illustration of Muslim mother and daughter holding hands and looking worried as angry people surround them

Production stage 1: create all artwork and screens

Photograph of illustrator working at his computer
Photograph of illustrator developing scenes on his computer

Production stage 2: animation

Photograph of animator working at his computer

Production stage 3: music and sound design

Photograph of man holding a microphone towards a taxi, recording the audio
Photograph of a man editing audio using computer software