Seed Creativity Brand Assets


Brand Strategy

Refresh your approach and connect with customers

Brand Identity and Development

Perfect your brand’s visual identity and look the part

Marketing Strategy and Support

Use customer, competitor and market intel to generate leads

Logo Design

Create a simple, iconic first impression for your brand

Your brand isn’t just your logo, advertising, print or media. It’s everything. A phone call, a Tweet, your product, purpose and personality

How will your customers remember you? Get it right and you’re golden.

What our clients say

We chose to work with Seed for our rebrand project and from start to finish they were fantastic, involving our stakeholders at every stage of the project, including holding a focus group for our students. Jonny immediately understood what we were about and what we wanted to achieve with our new branding and we are so happy with the results - we even commissioned an animation and other work with them since. If you're looking for passion, creativity and a super friendly team to work with, look no further than Seed.

Ellen Rudge
Marketing and Communications Manager