How to Use Animation to Improve User Experience (UX)

By Natalie Squance

Times have changed and savvy businesses move with the times. Increased streaming ability means millions of hours of video is accessed daily, with modern users preferring to watch rather than read. Page analytics and Google metrics have shown that the use of animation on a website improves UX (user experience) considerably, and as businesses move rapidly towards the human aspect and user experience of marketing, animation is a fast growing industry, accounting for a 49% increase in revenue for those who use it in contrast to those who don’t (source: Wordstream).

The practical applications of using video:

Video can translate complex information in a fun and engaging way, especially when compared to relying solely on text to communicate the same message. This was the case with our waste management client:

Animations can help to boost brand identity, engaging with their audience on an emotional level and encouraging shares on social media. A great example of this is Facebook’s personalised animations for their users, covering friendship anniversaries, monthly look-backs and more. It’s an excellent B2C branding tool, reiterating the relationship between user and domain and increasing the intimacy of the user with the brand.

Animation is a powerful marketing tool, encouraging interaction and product focus. For this reason it can significantly boost conversion rates and improve SEO. According to Tubular Insights 64% of consumers purchase after watching a video. Once a consumer has been captured, the potential for return custom increases to 27%. The more your customer returns, the greater their consumer value becomes.

Website animation isn’t just confined to videos, it extends to UI elements such as loading screens, page transitions and buttons. Buttons should always appear smooth and tangible to give the feel of direct manipulation by the user when they click or ‘push’. While entertaining loading screens can keep users interested for the ‘long click’ while hiding longer loading times. This kind of attention to detail will differentiate your website from its competitors and emphasise the quality of your business to users.

To find out how we can help you introduce animation into your strategy, get in touch with us for a chat.

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