The why

We understand that valuable insights are the foundation of impactful collaborations and outcomes. It’s all about connecting the dots among relevant parties by conducting in-depth stakeholder research and engagement. We believe in meeting people where they are and fostering meaningful connections within your community.

Community engagement

Our Insight service is not just about gathering data; it’s about engaging with your community on a personal level. We recognise the importance of community development and its direct impact on your project’s success. We help you navigate the intricate world of community engagement and turn it into tangible output that drives real change.

Meet people where they are

Identifying the right community for your research is crucial. Whether it’s fellow researchers, local communities, policymakers, or a global audience, we assist you in pinpointing your target audience. We believe that engagement should be memorable and definable, leaving a lasting impact that resonates with your chosen community.

Everyone in the team is a communicator

Communications shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of a designated team member. In our discovery workshops, we empower every member of your research team to embrace their role as a communicator. This collaborative approach ensures that your project’s message is consistent and compelling from all angles.

Community development

Our Insight service goes beyond traditional research. We delve into the heart of your community, embracing a relaxed and human-centric approach. Prioritise individuality and focus on building trust. Through community development and impactful conversations, community media, documentation, and field research, we help your project become a trusted voice within your target group.

A community is a network that interacts with each other

We recognise that a community is a dynamic network of individuals who interact with each other in diverse ways. Our Insight service taps into this interconnectedness, leveraging the power of relationships to foster collaborations and positive outcomes.

Be more human

In our approach, we encourage you to be more human in your interactions. Show passion for your project, embrace a relaxed atmosphere, and let your genuine enthusiasm shine through. This approach not only fosters deeper connections but also relieves the pressure that often accompanies stakeholder engagement.

Our Insight service is your partner in uncovering the hidden gems within your stakeholder network. We believe that insights are more than just data points; they are the keys to unlocking powerful collaborations and driving impactful outcomes. Let us help you navigate the complex landscape of stakeholder engagement, making it more human, more relaxed, and ultimately more effective. Together, we’ll transform your project into a trusted and influential voice within your community, driving positive change and lasting impact.


  • Compelling public engagement initiative, including audio interviews and vox pops that bring authentic voices to your projects
  • Gain in-depth understanding with audience profiles and personas, unlocking the potential for targeted and impactful collaborations
  • Expand your network through strategic business networking, connecting with key stakeholders to fuel your project’s growth
  • Unlock market insights with a comprehensive research report, providing actionable data to guide your project’s direction

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What our clients say

Seed worked patiently and carefully through the project’s complexity to disentangle it and create a simple and powerful message.
Julia Martin-Ortega
Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Leeds
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