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Every successful research project begins with a deep understanding of its core DNA. That’s why our discovery sessions are designed to facilitate tailored workshops with research teams, helping you uncover the unique essence of your project and grasp its full potential.


The workshops go beyond the surface and delve into the fundamental questions that shape your research journey. We understand that effective communication is not just an afterthought; it’s an integral part of your research process. Here’s how we guide you through this transformative process:

What is the role of communications?

We help you recognise the pivotal role that communication plays in your research project. It’s not just about disseminating results; it’s about shaping the way you approach challenges, engage with stakeholders and drive change. Our discovery workshops ensure that your communication strategy is woven into the very fabric of your project.

What community do you want to engage in?

Identifying the right community for your research is crucial. Whether it’s fellow researchers, local communities, policymakers, or a global audience, we assist you in pinpointing your target audience. We believe that engagement should be memorable and definable, leaving a lasting impact that resonates with your chosen community.

Everyone in the team is a communicator

Communications shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of a designated team member. In our Discovery workshops, we empower every member of your research team to embrace their role as a communicator. This collaborative approach ensures that your project’s message is consistent and compelling from all angles.

Pull apart what we think we know

To truly understand your research project’s DNA, we encourage you to challenge preconceived notions and pull apart what you already think you know. Our workshops are a safe space for exploring new perspectives and redefining your project’s core principles.


Our Discovery sessions aren’t just about uncovering insights but also about shaping the very essence of your research project. We understand that the success of your research hinges on your ability to communicate effectively, and our workshops are the catalyst for achieving this. Join us in this journey of discovery, where we dig deep, challenge assumptions and empower your entire team to become effective communicators. Together, we’ll unlock the full potential of your research, making it resonate with your community and drive meaningful change.


  • Intensive workshops, ranging from 3 hours to 2 days, tailored to your research project’s unique needs
  • Flexible location options: choose between onsite or offsite workshops to suit your team’s preferences
  • Comprehensive workshop package: access to a well-structured agenda, workshop materials and collaborative ideation and brainstorming
  • Prioritised action items: walk away with clear, actionable steps to drive your project forward
  • Detailed documentation: we’ll capture and organise discussions, ensuring that valuable insights are never lost in the process 

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What our clients say

Seed worked patiently and carefully through the project’s complexity to disentangle it and create a simple and powerful message.
Julia Martin-Ortega
Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Leeds
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Get in touch we’d love to hear from you