Understanding Climate Change with SpaceTech

Brand Strategy, Video and Animation

Space Park Leicester

The Brief

Space research and innovation isn’t just about exploring the universe, but also monitoring our own planet. Space Park Leicester, and its community of scientists, students and industry partners, offer a way for us to address huge global challenges such as climate change and pollution. We were brought in to create a short video that would paint a picture of Space Park Leicester and their ambitious strategy that builds upon the heritage and space-science excellence of the University of Leicester.

Our end goal was a video that would encourage new partnerships and collaborations; to influence new space-tech startups and SMEs to move their operations to Spark Park Leicester; and to engage new students who are interested in studying space sciences and technology.


Creating the Video

We started with a brand strategy session with Space Park Leicester’s Executive Director, Professor Richard Ambrosi. The session gave us a chance to dissect Space Park Leicester, to understand the core of who they are, their vision, their purpose and how they fit into the worlds of science, academia and industry. Developing a brand strategy gave us a blueprint for our script and the narrative of the video.

After crafting the script and constructing our storyboard, we had a fun couple of days on site, capturing footage of the building, the labs, the technology and the people. The footage was woven together with interesting motion graphics, giving us our finished video. The result is an inspiring five-and-a-half minutes that perfectly encapsulate Spark Park Leicester and their appetite to drive forward the progression of the space industry and directly impact global net-zero goals.

The video debuted at the launch event that saw UK astronaut Tim Peake officially opening Space Park Leicester. Going forward it will be used to promote Leicester’s pioneering space research, innovation and teaching cluster. It’s an exciting time for Leicester and the wider space economy, and we’re so excited to be a part of the journey.

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