Remodelling Your Brand for the Net-Zero Transition

By Jonny Prest

A 2-Day Creative Exploration Workshop

Shaping your new Net Zero strategy

ESG, CSR, and SDGs aren’t the ultimate solution for business sustainability. If your business model and products are inherently pollutive and lack genuine value, achieving net zero is a distant goal.

Remodelling your brand for the net-zero transition workshop boldly asserts that true transformation starts at the brand level—the heart of your organisation. Decisions, product development, and belief systems converge here. This workshop isn’t just about meeting standards; it’s a deep dive into reshaping your brand’s core, aligning it with regenerative practices for a future where sustainability isn’t a checkbox but a driving force of positive impact.

Ready to redefine your brand for a net-zero future?

The rise of the regenerative business

Transitioning from sustainable to regenerative practices is vital for businesses to have a more significant positive impact with customers, employees, and the planet. It enhances reputation, gains a competitive advantage, fosters innovation, and positions them as leaders in creating a sustainable future. Reasons for building a regenerative brand:

  • Transitioning to a regenerative model is crucial to have a larger positive impact with customers, employees, and the planet.
  • Regenerative practices enhance reputation, gain a competitive advantage, and increase long-term resilience.
  • They attract conscious consumers and investors, leading to cost savings, improved employee engagement, and a stronger market position. This transformation fosters innovation and positions businesses as sustainability leaders, making a meaningful difference for a sustainable future.

How can Seed help?

Seed has a decade of experience in bridging the gap between business, research and the wider community, working with SMEs and large corporate structures to reduce planetary impact.

Our interactive, expert-led workshop, Remodelling Your Brand for the Net-Zero Transition, provides valuable insights and practical tools for navigating the complexities of identity development and regenerative practices.

Workshop details

2-day workshop or 4 half days*

* It can be delivered as a two-day sprint but we recommend a two-week gap in between for reflection and light bulb moments.

The workshop fosters collaboration, interdisciplinary approaches and fresh perspectives. We’ll delve into the essence of your project and untangle the who/what/where/when/why. Then, we’ll map out creative content and dissemination channels within a strategy that propels your brand forward and drives meaningful change.

Breakdown of a Full Day Workshop Structure

Day 1

Day 2

Workshop venue (new space, new ideas?)

Types of venues for delivery

Deliverables and Cost

Assemble your team

  • Have a 2-day creative discovery session on-site or off-site
  • Explore new ideas around regenerative business models, identity, communications and community building
  • Facilitated by a knowledgable communications strategist

Develop actionable outputs in:

  • Strategic brand blueprint
  • Regenerative decision-making tools
  • Innovative product ideation
  • Brand identity rediscovery
  • Category design mastery
  • Audience segmentation strategies
  • Compelling sustainability narrative
  • Impact measurement frameworks

£4775 +VAT*

* This price is for on-site delivery. For optional facilitation of an off-site workshop, additional costs may apply – this can be discussed ahead of booking.

We’ve made it our mission to use our resources for the greater good by contributing to the protection of the planet and its people. We collaborate closely with those leading transformative progress: academics, researchers, innovators. The work we do fosters conversation, education and, ultimately, change.

We work with


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our previous clients have said:

Jessica Pierce
Bioethicist, Writer

The University of Colorado Center for Bioethics and Humanities

Jonny was fantastic. I didn’t know how much I needed him until jumping in and hiring Seed. Our time together creating a communications strategy gave me so much insight into why I care about my work and what I can be doing to maximize my efforts in directions that matter to me, while letting go of time spent doing things I don’t really care about. I’m working in a more focused way, feel more connected with my values, and am able to reach the people I most want to reach. Jonny’s help was worth every penny.

Photo of Paul Ince

Paul Ince
Marketing consultant

LikeMind Media

Jonny was a speaker at our MarketEd.Live event, Creative Climate. His passion for the subject, and the fire inside lit a multitude of torches held aloft in the room as people stood up to shout what they are fighting for. It was a moment. We’re still receiving comments on the impact of Jonny’s session. Engaging, funny, humble. Everything I want from a speaker. What an impression he made on our community.

Get in touch with us about delivering the workshop in your organisation – let’s work together to create a better future for all of us.

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