Standing Together Against Hate Campaign

Stakeholder engagement, Identity, Animation

University of Leicester

The Brief

University of Leicester is a thought leader in criminology and hate studies. The university’s Centre for Hate Studies approached Seed for support in creating a campaign to communicate their message; to unite students and staff in creating a campus culture of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

One of the biggest focuses of the campaign was the content itself: we had to create something stylistic, compelling and shareable. It needed to deliver the message succinctly, to create a powerful tool for the university. We wanted to create a piece of work that would connect to our audience on a human level, so we developed a hand-drawn look and feel, using rotoscoping (an animation method whereby real video footage is traced, frame by frame), and collaborated with our audience to make the content more relatable.

Making change

The animation itself is now used regularly in training and at awareness and educational events for students and staff. It’s shown in matriculation, which reaches approximately 4,000 new undergraduate and postgraduate students. It has become a powerful tool in internal communications, as well as reaching further afield: it has been adopted by Wiltshire Police as a means to communicate an anti-hate message.

The campaign helped to kickstart the Standing Together initiative, giving students a pillar of support when they need it most, and helping to promote inclusive attitudes university-wide. Being a part of such a positive and worthy project has been a real highlight for our agency. With an understanding of the subject matter and ability to translate it to the right audience through expert creative direction, we’ve created a poignant and influential tool for the university, making it a better place to work and study by spreading a message of love.


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