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University of Leicester

Our Approach

The University of Leicester has ambitious plans for sustainability. Recognising the pivotal role of clear and effective communication in advancing their efforts, they brought Seed in to align the vision with a strategy. Their sustainability communications need to resonate with a diverse range of stakeholders, including students, staff and suppliers – all while respecting the university’s overall brand identity.

By conducting lots of research and discovery work with key stakeholders, we were able to map out what our messaging would ideally look and sound like in order to engage our audience.

The development of a compelling visual identity was paramount in order to create an immediate connection with stakeholders. We developed a look and feel that stayed within the boundaries of the university’s brand guidelines, but also felt fresh and progressive: we created bold iconography, used vibrant colours and designed slick, attention grabbing layouts.

Simultaneously, a tone of voice and language system was developed. It needed to be agile enough to engage with all intended audiences. Language was crafted to be inclusive, motivational and clear, steering clear of jargon or technical terminology that could alienate any of our demographics. Striking a balance between inspiration and information, the tone makes sustainability accessible to those deeply involved in the effort and those just beginning their journey.

The early stages of this rollout mark the beginning of a transformative process that is set to shape the university’s sustainable future.

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