COVID-19 Testing in Schools Campaign

Stakeholder engagement, Identity, Animation

University of Bristol

University of Bristol COVID-19 Campaign

Our favourite projects are the ones that make real positive change, so we were thrilled to be approached by the University of Bristol to support with their Covid-19 mapping and mitigating study, CoMMinS.

Their project is split into two areas: first, the school study – regular saliva testing with primary and secondary school children. Then, if a child tests positive for the virus, regular saliva testing with their family or support bubble: the home study.

We were tasked to first make an animated video for the school study, to engage pupils and quash any fears or anxieties they might have over the testing process. Our target audience’s age range is between 6 and 18, so we had to ensure we were inclusive to both ends of the age bracket. A bold, bright, character-based illustration style, animated frame-by-frame, with a nod to Cartoon Network, was combined with an upbeat hip-hop soundtrack to create something accessible, engaging and fun.

Next came the home study video: we were asked to create a video that demystified the study for relatives and close contacts of the school children. We headed to Bristol and shot talking head footage of the study lead, Professor Caroline Relton. As we were mid-lockdown, we were limited to what footage we could shoot, so we graded carefully selected stock footage that would marry well with the original footage. To tie it all together, and to create a consistency with the school study video, we used sweeping animated transitions with the same colour palette.

Feedback from the CoMMinS team has been really positive – the animation has given children confidence around something a little daunting and during a difficult time. Hats off to the CoMMinS team for their hard work in the fight against Covid-19; we’ve honoured to have been a part of the story.

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